JK Custom Communications

JKCC Print & Design has taken a road trip over the years. Formerly known as JK Custom Communications as well as Jessica Knudsen Graphic Designer, we look back and realize the company pretty much started in 2008 in Savannah, GA. Jessica was looking for something to keep her busy while Bobby was deployed and started taking freelance work with her Graphic Design degree.

In 2011 they moved back to Kansas to be closer to family and Jessica continued work through the home while raising their 3 boys. The marketing world changes constantly and she changed with it, providing services for what small businesses needed. In 2015 she also started designing her line of planners and journals – now known as 3/2 Paper Co., after finding the outsource costs for what she wanted to do was too expensive she started printing and binding in house to keep costs down.

In 2018 the local UPS store, which was a huge asset to the community, decided to close their doors and Jessica started getting approached by her design clients to provide for their printing needs as well.

Married in 2004 their marriage started out young.  Bobby was in the Army for 7.5 years, but being an Entrepreneur and Business Owner was always something Bobby wanted to do. Together they decided to start this adventure together and opened JKCC Print & Design.

Prior to JKCC Print & Design Bobby was a Mechanic and Crew Chief for Blackhawk Helicopters in his Army Career. Coming out of the military with a young family – responsibility prevailed and Bobby got a 9-5. With his Crew Chief and Mechanic background he started working in an aircraft ground support equipment production facility. Quickly climbing the ladder with his Management skills from the Military and his ability to prioritize and produce efficiently he ended up being the Production Manager. This is where Bobby operates in the business. He’s the technician, the printer and the production manager.

With Bobby and Jessica’s passion for small business and American pride JKCC Print & Design has now morphed into a Print & Design shop providing Quality Print, Service and Marketing Products to anyone while strengthening rural America’s businesses.

Principle of Our Work


Self-Improvement is our first principle we live by because are not perfect now, nor will we ever be.  We want to be constantly improving in every aspect of our profession and our lives to become the best version of us that we can be, because that’s what you, the customer, need us to be.


Do we have all the answers?  No.  Are we going to make mistakes?  Yes, we will.  Do not worry though because that will never affect the service you receive from us.  If we make a mistake we will own up to it and we will make it right.  If we run in to a snag that causes a delay in delivery of a product or a quality issue, we will contact you immediately with a plan of action as to how we are going to recover and make it up to you.


This is the most important principle on our list.  We will be #1 in the industry of short order printing because of our Integrity.  Integrity was explained to me the first time in the military by a great leader as doing what is expected of you, even when no one is watching.  And in the customer service industry we will live and die by this, because most of what we do is done without the customer present.  All of our other principles are built off of this one principle.


As small business owners, we truly live to serve the “little guy”.  If we can share some of our knowledge to help someone or the services we provide can give someone the leg up they need to get the edge they need in their industry, we want to do everything we can to assist in that.  Why would we do this?  Because people have done it for us and we truly believe in paying it forward.

Owners Bobby & Jessica Knudsen




Graphic Designer